Mayoral Appointments

            Committee Appointments: 

Village of Round Lake Park Trustees

thCode Enforcement & Public Safety
Chair: Cheryl Thomey
Co-Chair: Arlene R. Rogalski
Co-Chair: David Arroyo


Chair: Arlene R. Rogalski
Co-Chair: Patricia M. Williams
Co-Chair: David Arroyo

village clerk Licensing & Ordinance Review
Chair: Scott Murar
Co-Chair: Bob Cerretti
Co-Chair: Cheryl Thomey

FootprintEnvironmental Planning, Protection & Management
Chair: Bob Cerretti
Co-Chair: Scott Murar
Co-Chair: David Arroyo

HandsCommunity Outreach
Chair: David Arroyo
Co-Chair: Arlene Rogalski
Co-Chair: Cheryl Thomey        

plumbingPublic Works
Chair: Patricia M. Williams
Co-Chair: Scott Murar
Co-Chair: Bob Cerretti

copPWplumbingthelectricalSengineeringtreasererplannervillage clerkcollector

           Appointments: 2017-2018

Chief of Police

George Filenko

Supt of Public Works

Scott Firnbach

Plumbing Inspector

Ken Herring

Building Inspector

Bryan Newsom

Electrical Inspector

Stanley Raciak

Village Attorney

Peter Karlovics,
The Law Offices of Rudolph F. Magna

Village Engineer

Frank Furlan, Northern Illinois Survey Inc.

Village Treasurer

Kris Conway

Village Planner

Al Maiden, Rolf Campbell & Associates, Inc.

Village Clerk/Collector

Karen Eggert

Village Deputy Collector

Cindy Fazekas
Norma Nelson
Miguel Orozco
Alice Templin


Business Community

Plan Commission
& Zoning Board of Appeals

Alan Welk, Chairperson

Bob Abendhoff

Steve Rathunde

Ronald Damitz

Chris Lucas

Police & Fire Commission
Jan Lannan
Mary Wiltberger

Round Lake
Management Commission

Dave Strom, Chairperson

Bob Cerretti, Sr. Treasurer

Chris Siegel Secretary

Rick Miller

Frank Palmisano, Jr.

Tim Pasternak

Jeff Poynter

Vivian Protine




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