Elected Officials – Trustee Cerretti

Trustee Profile: Robert P. Cerretti, Sr.

Term Expires 2017
E-Mail: rcerretti@villageofroundlakepark.com

Round Lake Park Resident Since 2006
Served as a Trustee Since:  May 5, 2009

Environmental Planning, Protection & Management (Chair)
Licensing & Ordinance Review (Co-chair)
Public Works (Co-chair)

Personal: Bob was born in Chicago and married his wife, Susan, in 1969.  They moved to Round Lake Beach in 1976 where they raised their three children.  They moved to Saddlebrook Farms in 2006.  Bob retired after 31 years from the Chicago Tribune.  Bob and Susan have three children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
Bob is a lifetime member of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Round Lake. His outside interests are playing Bocce Ball, bowling on the senior league at Lakes Bowl and golfing.
As a Trustee for the Village of Round Lake Park, Bob has served as a Director on the SWALCO Board and a Commissioner of the Round Lake Area Lakes Management Commission.  For the Village of Round Lake Park he has been Chairman of the Environmental Planning, Protection & Management, and has been involved in the contracts on the refuse service & recycling, Lifeguard Service and mosquito spraying service where he has reduced expenditures.

Reasons to Serve as Trustee:
  I believe that our Board will best represent our residents through these challenging times. My many years of hard work and experience in the private sector will make me a great public servant. Also, being retired gives me plenty of extra time to devote to the Village and my fellow residents. I am committed to overseeing the taxpayer’s money to deliver services in a cost effective way.

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