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June 1, 2017

Re:  Notification Required under 220 ILCS 5/8-505.1

ComEd intends to perform vegetation management activities on distribution circuits in your area within the next few months.  The vegetation management activities are a key component of ComEd’s maintenance program to ensure system electrical reliability, as vegetation contact with ComEd equipment is a leading cause of outages.

In accordance with applicable statutory requirements, ComEd is required to provide each affected municipality a map (see attached) or common addresses of the area affected by the vegetation management activities.

Please be aware that ComEd has notified any affected customers and property owners with (i) a statement of the vegetation management activities planned, (ii) the address of a website and a toll free telephone number at which a written disclosure of all dispute resolution opportunities and processes, rights, and remedies provided by the electric public utility may be obtained, (iii) a statement that the customer and the property owner may appeal the planned vegetation management activities through the electric public utility and the Illinois Commerce Commission, (iv) a toll-free telephone number through which communication may be had with a representative of the electric public utility regarding the vegetation management activities, and (v) the telephone number of the Consumer Affairs Officer of the Illinois Commerce Commission. The notice also stated that circuit maps or common addresses of the area to be affected by the vegetation management activities are on file with the local municipal or county office.

We recognize that our vegetation management activities sometimes create concern by your residents because trees near our electrical wires are significantly trimmed or sometimes require removal.  Qualified line-clearance workers contracted by ComEd will be performing the tree pruning work.  Supervisors and General Foremen will be in close contact with the crews, ensuring that the work is performed properly.  Additionally, we are strong advocates of proactive efforts to ensure that only appropriate vegetation is planted near our facilities, and our easement and leases usually specify vegetation restrictions.  Trees that grow greater than 20 feet, for example maple, elm, and blue spruce, should never be planted under or near distribution power lines.  At full height, these trees could contact lines and cause a power outage or create a safety issue.  On the other hand, trees and bushes that grow to heights less than 20 feet, for example dogwoods or crabapples, can often be planted near distribution power lines.

For more information about vegetation maintenance along power lines and ComEd’s “Right Tree, Right Place” program, please visit: http://www.ComEd.com/Trees

Please direct any resident with questions or concerns to contact us at 1 (800) Edison-1


John Wolters

Sr. Vegetation Management Project Manager

Vegetation Management Department

See the map below of the following circuits with upcoming vegetation activities:

Groot News

May 2017
  Yard Waste stickers are no longer required; leaves and grass clippings  must still be in bio-degradable paper bags or a designated container, limbs/branches must be in bundles no longer than 4 feet, 3 feet in diameter and no heavier than 50 lbs tied with twine and put out on regular garbage day.

February 2016

Groot Website

The rates for refuse, recycling and yard waste collection have gone up by 3.5% as of February 1, 2016. Please see the tables below:

Service:                      Old Rate:                        New Rate:
Regular                        $20.89                           $21.62
Senior                           $19.82                           $20.51
Yard Waste                  $  2.68                           $  2.77

Yard Waste /Refuse Stickers Prices Effective February 1, 2016

1        $ 2.77
2        $ 5.54
3        $ 8.31
4        $11.08
5        $13.85
6        $16.62
7        $19.39
8        $22.16
9        $24.93
10      $27.70
11      $30.47
12      $33.24
13      $36.01
14      $38.78
15      $41.55
16      $44.32
17      $47.09
18      $49.86
19      $52.63
20      $55.40

December 2015

Special Board Meeting Schedule for Deliberations for Groot Waste Transfer Station


Meetings will be held at the Village of Round Lake Park Village Hall located at 203 E. Lake Shore Drive, Round Lake Park, IL 60073
Transcript from December 10, 2013 Deliberation Meeting


  1. Exhibits for Public Participant Timber Creek Homes, Inc. – click on the following link (the document is large and will take a considerable amount of time to load):
  2. Witness list for Public Participant Timber Creek Homes, Inc.
  3. Notice of Filing and Disclosure of Witnesses and Exhibits for Public Participant Village of Round Lake
  4. Round Lake Park Pollution Control Facilities Siting Ordinance
  5. Amended Order From Hearing Officer Phillip A. Luetkehans Regarding Scheduling and Hearing Procedures
  6. Appearance of Public Participant Form
  7. RLP Ordinance 13-15 Adopting SWALCO Solid Waste Plan
  8. RLP Siting Ordinance Amended Aug 26 2013
  9. Public Hearing Outline
  10. Siting Criteria
  11. Final Hearing Agenda
  12. Scheduling Order the Memorializes the Schedule set forth at the Hearing



Pre-Hearing Conference Transcripts (9-17-13)
Orientation Meeting (9-20-13)
September 23, 2013 – Part A
September 23, 2013 – Part B
September 23, 2013 – Part C
September 24, 2013 – Part A
September 24, 2013 – Part B
September 24, 2013 – Part C
September 25, 2013 – Part A
September 25, 2013 – Part B
September 25, 2013 – Part C
September 26, 2013 – Part A
September 26, 2013 – Part B
September 30, 2013 – Part A
September 30, 2013 – Part B
October 1, 2013 – Part A
October 1, 2013 – Part B
October 2, 2013 – Part A
October 2, 2013 – Part B



Groot Industries
Village of Round Lake Park_NOF
Village of Round Lake Park_Findings
Village of Round Lake
Timber Creek
Hearing Officer – Part 1
Hearing Officer – Part 2



Groot Exhibits: Village of Round Lake Park:
Additional Pages Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2 Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Criterion 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9
Land Use PowerPoint
Need PowerPoint
Plan PowerPoint
Real Estate PowerPoint
Traffic PowerPoint

Timber Creek:
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6
Exhibit 7
Exhibit 8
Exhibit 10
Exhibit 22
Exhibit 27
Exhibit 28
Exhibit 34A
Exhibit 38C
Exhibit 41
Exhibit 42
Exhibit 45
Exhibit 46 – Part A
Exhibit 46 – Part B
Exhibit 46 – Part C
Exhibit 47
Exhibit 51


Timber Creek Criterion 6 Memorandum
Round Lake Park Criterion 6 Memorandum
Groot Criterion 6 memorandum and Motion to Strike Testimony
Groot Response to Proposed Conditions



Letter from Hainesville
Letter from Grayslake
Richard Hermann Filing
Doug Vehlow Filing
Brian Smith Filing
Lake County Division of Transportation Filing



Timber Creek Homes Motion to Strike
Village of Round Lake Park Response to Motion to Strike
Timber Creek Homes Response to Motion to Strike
Village of Round Lake Response to Public Comment

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