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Below is a link to the minutes from the Landlord Meeting held at the Village Hall on February 5, 2018:
Landlord Mtg Minutes.02.05.2018


This page contains information related to the services provided by the Building & Zoning Department, as well as ordinance information important to all Village residents and property owners.

Zoning Map 2017
 Village of Round Lake Park, IL Code of Ordinances
Permit Application
Formulario de solicitud de permiso
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An Ordinance Requiring the Registration of Vacant or Foreclosed Buildings & Repair or Demolition of Unsafe Buildings within the Village of Round Lake Park

A new Ordinance (No. 17-O-08) was passed on November 8, 2017, requiring the registration of vacant or foreclosed buildings and providing for the repair or demolition of unsafe buildings. Click on Link below to view Ordinance:

Ordinance 17-O-08

It states:

  • Any property that is vacant for more than 30 days is considered “vacant”, and a property that is in any stage of a mortgage foreclosure action is considered to be “under foreclosure”.
  • These properties must be registered with the village within 15 days after it is considered “vacant” or “under foreclosure”.

There are four exemptions to the registration requirement which are listed below:

  • Vacant properties with an active building permit for repair;
  • vacant properties not in disrepair marketed for rent or sale;
  • vacant properties were the owner has left for vacation or business; or
  • legitimate reasons documented in writing based on evidence to the satisfaction of the building commissioner.

Registration Requirements:

  • A property must be registered within 15 days after it is considered “vacant” or “under foreclosure”.
  • Each property must be separately registered.
  • The village’s two page form must be used, filled out correctly and completely.
  • If the building commissioner discovers a property that must be registered, he must send a written notice by US Mail (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REGISTERED MAIL), to the address of the last property tax bill was sent which is obtained from the Lake County Treasurer’s Office website.
  • The notice must contain the following:
  • The basis why the property was determined “vacant” or in foreclosure”.
  • Notice of requirement to schedule a code inspection of the interior, exterior, surrounding yards and property within 21 calendar days of date of notice.
  • Statement of obligations as owner of said property.
  • The registration form to be completed by the owner
  • Notice of owner’s right to appeal the determination.
  • The owner may appeal the determination to register the property to the Round Lake Park’s hearing officer.
  • The appeal must be in writing and filed with the village within 30 days of the notice.
  • The hearing officer will decide the appeal based on the written appeal and the notice sent to the owner.
  • The owner has the burden of proof that the property is not required to register with the village as vacant or in foreclosure.
  • Registered properties must be maintained in appearance and be secured.
  • Failure to register a property will result in a minimum fine of $50 per day.
  • Demolition of Unsafe or Abandoned Building
  • Any unsafe or abandoned property must be referred to village legal council to file civil suit for demolition or repair.
  • Should the village prevail in the civil suit, village legal council will perform the necessary title search and file suit to get order for demolition.
  • Please contact the Village Hall to obtain a copy of Ordinance No. 17-O-08.
  • Click on link to access the application: Vacant Building Registration Form.11082017

 Building Department Staff             

Bryan Newsom
Commissioner of Building & Zoning

Ken Herring
Ken Herring
Plumbing/Building Inspector

Stanley Raciak
Electrical/Building Inspector

Al Maiden
AICP – Planning Consultant



Related Links & Information:

Building Permit Information

Call the Village Hall at 847.546.2790 Prompt 2 or 3
to Schedule Inspections

Village Residents:

 Below is a list of projects that require a permit. Most projects require two copies of the property plat of survey locating by drawing the changes you wish to make and a completed permit application available at the Village Hall or by downloading from the village website.  A current certificate of insurance is required for contractors doing the work. Plumbing contractors must provide proof/copies of the company’s business license 055# and the individual plumber’s license 058# as well as a letter of intent written on company letterhead with the company seal. Landlords must have licensed contractors provide the village with the above information.

The above documentation is not required if the homeowner is doing the work him/herself. This is for owner occupancy ONLY!

 If you live in either Saddlebrook Farms or Timber Creek subdivisions you must first obtain approval with documentation from the Homeowner’s Associations of these communities and present them to the village along with a completed permit application.

Permitting is required for the Following:

  • Addition to structure
  • Alteration of structural systems
  • Central air conditioning
  • Concrete work
  • Decks
  • Demolition
  • Driveways and driveway ribbons
  • Electrical work
  • Fascia
  • Fences
  • Fireplaces
  • Furnace upgrades
  • Garages
  • Gazebos
  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Patios
  • Re-roofing
  • Sheds
  • Siding
  • Spas/Hot tubs
  • Swimming pools
  • *Windows and doors
    *if changing existing dimensions

Click her for permit application:    BZ Permit App 2018



Información para Permiso de Edificio
Llame la Oficina  al 847.546.2790 Oprime 1
para obtener una cita de inspección


 Abajo está una lista de proyectos que requieren un permiso. La mayoría de los proyectos requiere dos copias del plano de propiedad. Dibuje en los planos los cambios que se van hacer y también llene la aplicación disponible en la oficina de Round Lake Park o descargándola por la página electrónica del pueblo. Se requiere un certificado vigente de seguro de contratistas para hacer el trabajo. Contratistas de plomería tienen que proveer prueba/copias de licencia de negocios de la compañía (# 055) y también la licencia del plomero individual (# 058), así como una carta de intenciones escrito en papel embretado con la empresa y el sello de la compañía. Los propietarios deben tener contratistas autorizados y  proporcionar la aldea con la información antedicha.

La documentación antedicha no es requerida si el propietario está haciendo el trabajo él/ella misma. ¡ esto es sólo para ocupación de propietarios!

 Si usted vive en el fraccionamiento de Saddlebrook o Tember Creek primero Tiene que obtener la aprobación y documentación de las asociaciones de propietarios de estas comunidades y presentarlos a la aldea junto con la aplicación para permiso.

Permitiendo que se requiere para los siguientes:

  • Adición a la estructura
  • Alteración de los sistemas estructurales cubiertas
  • Aire acondicionado central
  • Trabajo de concreto
  • Terrazas
  • Demolición
  • Parqueadero y cintas de entrada para autos
  • Trabajo de electricidad
  • Fascia
  • Cercas
  • Chimeneas
  • Calderas
  • Garajes
  • Glorietas (Gazebos)
  • Sistemas de riego de pasto
  • Patios
  • techos nuevos
  • Cobertizos (Sheds)
  • Revestimiento
  • Spas
  • Piscinas
    *Ventanas y puertas
    Formulario de solicitud de permiso

                *Solamente si va a cambiar las dimensiones existentes



May 25, 2018
It is once again time for the rental homes owners to have their properties inspected. Please follow the links below to comply with Ordinance No. 14-14 (Rental Residential Property Registration and Inspection). Please note: Landlords must contact the village to confirm their appointments! To confirm e-mail Alice Templin at:

Our “Crime Free” Exemption Certificate Program will be entering its second year in 2018! Landlords who qualify are exempt from the annual inspection for one year following two prior years of continued approval by the building commissioner. Thereafter, the properties would be inspected every other year as long as they continue to be in compliance.

To qualify landlords would also have to provide the village with a copy of  the “Crime Free Multi-housing Program” certificate offered by neighboring communities (participation in the classes is free of charge). This program is completely voluntary for the Village of Round Lake Park. However, it is highly recommended as it provides landlords with some safeguards in choosing their tenants including the Crime Free Lease Addendum, (the addendum can be obtained from the Village of Round Lake Park once the landlord presents a copy of his/her certificate).  To date we have close to 30 owners who qualify for the program this year with half of those providing us with the required Crime Free Certificate.

Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Mundelein and Palatine are a few of the communities which office the certification.

 Please note: If a landlord owns multiple rentals in the village, all rental properties must pass inspections, if just one fails, all his/her properties will be dropped from the program.


On November 11, 2014, the Round Lake Park Village Board adopted an ordinance amending 150.85 of the entitled “OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE” and added a new chapter – 154A entitled “RENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY REGISTRATION AND INSPECTION”, (Village of Round Lake Park, Ordinance No. 14-14).

Purpose of the Program: The Rental Housing INSPECTION Program was adopted to protect the public health and safety by ensuring rental units comply with minimum housing standards as established by Village Ordinance, protect the character and stability of residential areas, correct and prevent housing conditions that adversely affect or are likely to adversely affect the life, safety and general welfare and health of the persons occupying the dwelling, facilitate the enforcement of minimum standards for the maintenance of existing rental residential property and to preserve the value of land and buildings throughout the Village of Round Lake Park.

Click on links below and download all the forms listed and follow the instructions:
Rental Property Registration App.2018.aht
InspectionCheckList11062017 aht
RLB Crime Free Certification
RR Zoning Map 2016

Haga clic en los enlaces de abajo para descargar el paquete de inspección:
Inspector-Check-List-Spanish91914 (2)
Certificación de clase para Propietarios sobre delitos
2016 mapa de zonificación

The following link is for ORDINANCE 14-14:         ORDINANCE NO 14-14

Should you have any questions regarding the new program please send us an email at


The village of Round Lake Park requires the issuance of an occupancy permit when a property is sold or rented. Please email us at or call 847-546-2790 a minimum of 24 hours in advance to schedule a Change of Occupancy inspection.

In addition to the items listed on the links below, the inspector will measure the dwelling unit to determine its maximum occupancy load.

The International Property Maintenance Code has standards for habitable space based on; square footage of bedrooms, living/dining areas and Urban Development and accepted by the courts and will be used to compute the load.

After any violations are corrected, or if the Inspector finds no problems, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued by the village.

Please click on the links below to obtain printable forms and information on Occupancy Inspections.

Change of Occupancy Inspection Package                 Inspecciones Para Cabio de Residencia

Back Flow Safety Device & Expansion Tank             Antirretorno y Tanque de Extension Termal

Below are the links to information for our plumbing inspections as well as an explanation and instructions for the Back Flow Device and the Thermal Expansion Tank.

Plumbing Check List.10312014                                    Plumbing Check List Spanish.10312014

For further clarification you may click on the link below to view the actual plumbing codes.

Part 890 Illinois Plumbing Code


Vacant Building Registration Form.11082017
Vacant Bldg Registration Spanish 2018


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